Stalled! advocates for the creation of inclusive public restrooms through four overlapping initiatives: Design, Legal, Education (lectures, symposia, publications) and Workshops.


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With grants from the New York State Council on the Arts, the New York Chapter of the AIA, Yale School of Architecture, Yale FLAGS, Hewlett-Packard, and the BW Bastian Foundation, we are developing guidelines for all-gender, multi-user restrooms that can be implemented in new and existing construction in light of legal, economic, practical, and design-positive considerations.

See our DESIGN section to learn more.

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Update: In March 2019, the IPC was successfully amended to allow for all-gender restrooms, as a result of Stalled! efforts in collaboration with the National Center for Transgender Equality and the AIA - read more HERE.

Multi-user restrooms require a variance. Terry Kogan is leading our legal initiative to amend the International Plumbing Code (“IPC”), the model code that governs most construction in the U.S., to allow for all-gender multi-user restrooms in new and existing buildings. To learn more about this initiative read our essays about Code in our STANDARDS section.



We are conducting Stalled! campus workshops that assemble stakeholders representing different sectors of  universities--from the provost’s office to facilities managers-- to come up with policies and guidelines for implementing inclusive bathrooms in campus renovation and new construction projects that take into consideration safety, universal access, code compliance and cost. We have led campus workshops at the University of Michigan, MIT, Princeton, UPenn, University of Houston, University of Utah, Vassar and SCUP.

If interested in conducting a Stalled! Workshop tailored to your institution, please contact us.



Stalled! is committed to raising awareness in the public, the design community, institutions and in government at all levels about the pressing need for inclusive restrooms, as well as awareness about the broader issue of equitable public space design. We are spreading the word through a variety of educational initiatives.

Stalled! offers public lectures that situate national restroom debates within a broader cultural, historical, political, ecological and architectural context. Sanders has given presentations at University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Columbia University, University of Houston, Center For Architecture, New York University, Pratt Institute and New York School of Interior Design.

In April 2018, Joel Sanders and Susan Stryker co-organized a symposium, Noncompliant Bodies: Social Equity and Public Space that was held at Yale School of Architecture.  They assembled a transdisciplinary group of leading academics, designers, curators, administrators, and activists to explore three building types—restrooms, museums, and urban streets—through the lens of race, gender and disability.

The Stalled! team has published articles and given interviews. Joel Sanders and Susan Stryker co-authored the essay for the South Atlantic Quarterly, Stalled: Gender-Neutral Public Bathrooms. Stalled! has been featured in publications including Metropolis MagazineLA TimesPhiladelphia InquirerArchitect MagazinePosture MagazineArchitects Newspaper, Log Journal and Footprint Journal.